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  • Why did the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District (District) conduct the Golden Gate Bridge Physical Suicide Deterrent System Engineering and Environmental analysis?
    To develop and evaluate alternatives for a potential physical suicide deterrent system. Please visit the Project Overview and Engineering & Environmental sections to learn more about the two-phase Project.
  • What is a physical suicide deterrent system?
    A physical suicide deterrent system would provide a physical barrier to impede the ability of an individual to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, without compromising the other established Project Criteria. It could take the form of a horizontal net, something added to the existing railing, or the replacement of the existing railing with taller railing.  
  • What other measures are currently used to deter people from jumping off of the Bridge?
    The District has developed a number of non-physical measures that successfully deter a significant number of people from committing suicide at the Bridge. Through the use of these measures, currently approximately 70 percent of suicide attempts are prevented. These non-physical measures include:

    1) 11 emergency/crisis counseling telephones are located on the sidewalks that can connect people to trained suicide prevention counselors.


    2) Bicycle patrols, motor patrols, and Bridge workers are all trained to detect persons exhibiting suicidal behaviors.


    3) The traveling public also assists in reporting activity though the use of cell phones.  
  • How can the public comment on the proposed NET BARRIER system?
    The official comment period for the Project's DEIR/EA ended on August 25, 2008. Comments may still be submitted on the Project to Comments submitted after the official close of comments will not become part of the Final EIR/EA. We encourage you to sign up to receive periodic email updates about the Project’s progress.
  • Has the District previously evaluated physical suicide deterrent systems?
    Yes, the District has previously evaluated physical suicide deterrent systems and the District website contains extensive information on previous evaluations and studies.   
  • How was the Engineering and Environmental analysis funded?
    On March 11, 2005, the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District Board of Directors authorized the engineering and environmental analysis for the Project be conducted without the use of Golden Gate Bridge toll dollars. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission passed a resolution providing $1,850,000 toward the Project. In addition, the City and County of San Francisco provided $100,000; the County of Marin provided $25,000; and public and private citizen groups provided $28,700.
  • How will the NET SYSTEM Suicide Barrier be funded?
    Two years ago the construction of NET SYSTEM on the Golden Gate Bridge was not eligible for federal transportation funds, so potential funding options were limited. A new federal law, MAP-21-Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (PL-112-141), was signed into law by President Obama on July 6, 2012, and specifically provides that “…nets on bridges” are eligible for federal funding. It is anticipated that the majority of the funding for the construction of the NET SYSTEM will be federal transportation monies. The District is working with regional, state and federal agencies to finalize a funding plan for the construction of the NET SYSTEM, and it is anticipated that the funding plan will be considered by the Board of Directors at their June 27, 2014 meeting.




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