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On October 10, 2008, the Maintenance and Operations report was presented to the Board of Directors. To read the report:  click here

Alternatives developed for a potential physical suicide deterrent system will be evaluated to ensure that they will not inhibit Golden Gate Bridge maintenance, operations and security. Three of the eleven Project Criteria specifically address the importance of easy, safe and cost effective access for maintenance, operations and security of the Bridge. According to the Project Criteria, the physical suicide deterrent system must:

  • Be able to be maintained as a routine part of the District’s on-going Bridge maintenance program and without undue risk of injury to District employees. Materials used for a suicide deterrent system should require minimal maintenance, be cost-effective and be compatible with existing Bridge materials and equipment, and not expose workers to undue risk of injuries.

  • Not diminish the ability to provide for adequate security of the Bridge. Bridge security is a collaborative effort between Bridge Patrol, California Highway Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Park Police and Golden Gate National Recreation Area Rangers. The addition of a physical suicide deterrent system cannot obstruct or impede patrols or security response activity performed by these entities.
  • Continue to allow access to the underside of the Bridge for emergency response and maintenance activities. The Bridge’s maintenance and emergency response program requires that workers access areas under the Bridge structure. To access the underside of the Bridge structure, workers typically climb over the existing outside railing and work from the existing moveable maintenance travelers (work platforms) attached to the roadway truss. Access to all areas of the Bridge for maintenance activities and emergency response activities must be easy, cost effective, and safe for workers and materials. Any proposed physical deterrent system must accommodate easy and safe maintenance and emergency response access.


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