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Preliminary Engineering

With the release of the Phase 1 Wind Study Report on May 24, 2007, Phase 2 has begun. Phase 2 will take the Phase 1 generic concepts that passed the wind tunnel testing and develop potential alternatives for further evaluation. Phase 2 will include both the required federal and state environmental review processes of each potential alternative and will include preliminary engineering of the potential alternatives. The potential alternatives will also be evaluated against each of the Project Criteria, and for environmental impacts. The required evaluation of potential alternatives will consider both a “no-build” alternative, as well as several “build” alternatives.
Examples of information that will be developed for each alternative include: architectural renderings,visual impact analysis, historic preservation considerations and cost. A draft environmental document containing this information will be released and public comments solicited. This document is currently planned for release in June/July 2008.

The Bridge, which is eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places, is afforded protection under both state and federal historic preservation laws. In accordance with these laws, the

District, in addition to developing and releasing for public comment a draft environmental document, must consult with appropriate state and federal agencies. Following the required review and comment processes, a final environmental document will be prepared, and made available to the public. The final document is currently targeted to be released in late 2008. Following a 30-day public comment period on the final document, the environmental process will conclude and the District Board of Directors will decide the next step.


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