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Visual (Visual/aesthetic analysis)

The Golden Gate Bridge is widely considered one of the most beautiful examples of bridge engineering, both as a structural design challenge and for its aesthetic appeal. It is situated in a unique setting and affords spectacular views to the motorists that cross the structure and to the bicyclists and pedestrians that visit the sidewalks. The setting and the views contribute to the popularity of the sidewalks and to people’s affection toward the structure. Therefore, alternatives must not result in significant visual or aesthetic impacts nor significantly affect views from the Bridge.
A visual/aesthetic analysis will be included in the environmental document (EIR/EA) that assesses the visual affects of a potential physical suicide deterrent system alternatives. Each alternative will be evaluated in terms of the potential impact on view blockage and alteration of the visual character of the Bridge. Visual simulations will be used to assist in depicting the visual changes that would occur with each feasible alternative.  


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