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Wind Studies

Phase 1: Wind Tunnel Testing of Generic Suicide Deterrent Concepts – Fall 2006 to Spring 2007
The initial design concepts underwent wind tunnel studies to determine the impact of the various designs on the wind stability of the Bridge. 
Long span suspension bridges respond dynamically, and potentially dramatically, to wind. Phase 1 focused on performing wind tunnel testing of generic concepts for a potential suicide deterrent for the Golden Gate Bridge (Bridge). The wind tunnel testing determined which generic concepts do not create wind stability problems for the Bridge. Wind tunnel testing focused on three types of generic concepts: 1) adding to the existing railing; 2) replacing the existing railing; and 3) utilizing nets that cantilever out horizontally. Concepts with various heights, component dimensions and wind appendages were tested to determine which combinations of variables are acceptable for the Bridge, from a wind stability standpoint.

A Phase 1 Wind Study Report documents the wind testing and summarizes the results. Additionally, it includes descriptions and sketches of each concept that passed the wind test. The Wind Study Report was released on Thursday, May 24, 2007. 

Phase 2: Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Studies –
Summer 2007 to Late 2008
As the potential alternatives are developed and refined during Phase 2, additional wind tunnel testing will be undertaken to ensure that these refinements are still acceptable in terms of wind impacts. 


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