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Environmental Studies

State and federal laws require a formal review of projects that may affect the environment. An environmental document was prepared to address the state law, the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and the federal law, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). A joint state and federal document, Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Assessment (DEIR/EA), was prepared to evaluate the potential alternatives for environmental impacts, while taking into account the Project Criteria.

Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Assessment (DEIR/EA)

Read the DEIR/EA. View the DEIR/EA citizens guide, a summary of the DEIR. Environmental studies prepared for the DEIR included an historic Section 106 evaluation, a parklands Section 4(f) report and a visual analysis. The required evaluation of potential alternatives will consider a “no-build” alternative as well as several “build” alternatives.

Final Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Assessment (FEIR/EA) - Released January 22, 2010

Read the FEIR/EA. The FEIR/EA was prepared that includes changes in the proposed action or mitigation measures resulting from comments received on the DEIR/EA. The public is welcome to review the FEIR/EA, however there is no formal public comment period associated with the release of the document. If anyone does wish to comment, they may do so via email to


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